About Aqualisa

Since 1977 Aqualisa has been at the forefront of shower technology. This all started with Aqualisa developing the first thermostatic shower system and in 2001 releasing a digital shower that features touch sensitive controls, LED lighting and remote control all combined together in the shower to provide a therapeutic experience.

Digital Showers

Aqualisa is 2001 came up with revolutionary idea of developing a digital shower, this bringing what was once thought of as mundane householed appliance into the 21st century. Digital Showers feature a plethora of features such as; maximum temperature settings, fill levels and predefined temperature settings.

Mixer Showers

Aqualisa first invented the thermostatic shower 40 years ago. The mixer shower combines both hot and cold water together to offer hte user a therapeutic showering experience. All showers have built in safety measure that engage should the hot or could watter supply fail.

Aqualisa Digital Shower System
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